"As the mastermind behind fashion-forward concept MONOMOKO, Tim Christie combines photography and digital illustration to create images that fuse age-old tradition with modern technology."

Castle Fine Art / UK

"Your work is extremely impactful, aesthetically distinctive and, well, just fucking cool!"

Oliver Squirrell / Art Agent, UK

"Compounded to the indigenous content, the geometry has a tukutuku resonance!"

Anthony Hoete / Architect

"Tim Christie’s ‘MONOMOKO’ artworks series, explore the idea of symmetry and perfection, encapsulated in an Op art style combined with the elements of De Stijl"

Antoinette Haselhorst / Blogger & Curator, UK

"We were delighted to find local artist and rising star Tim Christie to help us furnish the new Hilton. His totally unique style of contemporary art has become a feature of our hotel and enjoyed by guests, many of whom have purchased pieces for their own collections."

Mads Nielsen / Manager, Hilton Wellington