Love your lines

MONOMOKO is a celebration of lines, distantly related to scraperboard, crosshatch and other linear-based techniques used to depict 3D forms, but in this case considerably more constrained and minimalist, and brought to life with some whimiscal subject matter and cultural themes.

The initial spark for this project originated after considering what might emerge from combining a reductionist geometric aesthetic with biological symmetry, as with a human or animal face. I was curious to see whether the symmetry would provide a compositional glue between the geometric and organic worlds to create something visually compelling. It was this intriguing thought that triggered the initial experimentation. 

MONOMOKO was first exhibited at the New Zealand Art Show in June 2017 and was one of the most prolific sellers. On the back of this success I was invited to submit a piece for the prestigious NZSO Art Auction. I am also currently exploring representation and opportunities overseas. 

The name MONOMOKO was inspired by combining the mostly 'monochromatic' colouring of the designs with the graphic symmetry of traditional Maori 'moko'.

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